Construction Management

As a professional construction firm, Edgewater Construction Services is a strong proponent of a team approach to building projects. The construction management method of project delivery creates a partnership among the owner, architect and contractor and enables each to communicate goals, ideas and concerns as early as the planning phase. Early involvement of a construction manager leads to:

This method:

  • Better value
  • More effective cost control
  • Early schedule information and the ability to fast track
  • Enhanced teambuilding


Edgewater Construction Services will be pleased to become your Construction Manager. We bring the ability to provide preconstruction pricing, preliminary scheduling and constructability reviews. If desired, this upfront understanding of the project requirements could lead to establishing a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) for the project. With the acceptance of the GMP, the owner transfers the risk of cost overrun to Edgewater Construction Services, yet retains the potential for savings if the actual cost is lower.

Edgewater is particularly effective in the preconstruction phase of a project because of our expertise with integrated methods of project delivery. As a design-builder, Edgewater’s construction project management team is accustomed to working closely with architects to supply valuable cost, schedule and constructability information. Our sophisticated estimating systems, in-house project managers and extensive experience with fast-tracked scheduling are valuable tools in preconstruction planning. Depending on when we become involved in the process, our proactive focus on optimizing value reduces or eliminates the need for reactive value engineering.


Edgewater’s understanding of the total design and construction process makes us a valued member of the project team. Our perspective on value optimization through the selection of materials and methods that best fit the project goals is most valuable when employed early in the design phase. This often eliminates the need for value engineering because the original choices are made with accurate information about cost and schedule implications in addition to functionality, aesthetics and constructability.

Cost Control

Edgewater Construction Services maintains current pricing information that translates to accurate predictions about the final cost of a project. This and Edgewater’s ability to partner with architects to maintain budgets allow the owner to plan with confidence. Effective constructor involvement in the early phases of a project greatly reduces or eliminates costly change orders due to errors and omissions. In addition to its professional estimating team, Edgewater involves the construction project manager in developing the project estimates. In this way, the project manager develops confidence in and commitment to the guaranteed maximum price.


Involvement in preconstruction enables the construction manager to provide early scheduling information and advise the owner and architect as to the schedule implications of long-lead or hard-to-find materials. It also provides the opportunity for “fast tracking,” or overlapping of design and construction activities. Grounded in a thorough understanding of the project, Edgewater can accelerate appropriate activities and compress schedules to accommodate the owner’s needs.

Team Building

You will derive better value from your design and construction team if it functions as a cohesive unit. Even in a linear design-bid-build process, the architect and contractor must work together; however, the contractual relationship provides no incentive for them to work cooperatively in the interest of the project. In a construction management arrangement, the contractor joins the architect in the role of owner’s agent. Both are motivated—and legally bound—to act in the owner’s best interest. The best way to do this is to collaborate on solutions and to proactively raise concerns before they become problems.