VAMC Hampton Expand SPD Center

Completely prepared site for building operations; including demolition and removal of existing structures, furnish labor and materials. The construction of an addition on Building 137 for Linen Services and the renovation and conversion of the existing clean linen storage area in Building 110A for SPD.

The scope of this project includes the demolition of the existing Linen department. The existing Linen Department will be renovated into an expanded area for SPD. The renovated area will include new wall finishes, new ceiling, new doors, new HVAC distribution, re-distribution of existing sprinkler, and new power and lighting. The project also includes the construction of a new 2500 sq. ft. addition to building 137 and interior build out for the new Linen Department. The new addition will include interior walls, new plumbing, restroom, offices, HVAC, power, lighting and fire protection system.

Department of Veterans Affairs
Hampton, VA