VA Martinsburg Community Living Center/ 5A

This project will upgrade the existing 5th floor A wing of the existing facility of the Community Living Center at the VAMC Martinsburg, WV.  The upgrades will include the complete demolition and renovation of approximately 19,000 SF as well as new roof over the area. 

The demolition will include a complete gut out to building structure, all walls, ceilings, HVAC, plumbing, medical gas, lighting, electrical conduits and panels will be removed in the A-wing. The lobby will be completely renovated to include new decorative epoxy terrazzo flooring. The fire protection system will be modified to meet the updated requirements.

A-wing new build back work will change the building’s interior layout which will require mechanical and plumbing work in the occupied 4th and 6th floor core drilling the concrete deck for over 120 new penetrations. The architectural construction will include features library, seating areas, casework and special ceilings and flooring that give a luxury hotel room look rather than the sanitary hospital environment.          

Department of Veterans Affairs
Martinsburg, WV