USCG TISCOM Replace Brick Steps

The work consisted of renovating the North Lab Building L01 on the US Coast Guard base. This building is two-story 17,000 sq. ft. brick masonry building. The following improvements were made to the exterior entrance of the North Lab: replace brick masonry, replace entrance pilasters, and repaint wood cornice assembly and entrance pilasters at the front entrance step. Additional work that was made to the exterior was removing and replacing of the side-walk south and northeast of the North Lab Building. This is approximately 840 sq. ft. of the sidewalk.  The following improvements will be made on the second floor of the North Lab building: install harden steel bars on all of the windows, seal all penetrations, install BMS (Balanced Magnetic Switches) on the exit doors, stall a panic bar on the stairwell door, install an intrusion detection system (IDS) in the controlled space and in the EMF, add to existing equipment, install intrusion detection system (IDS) on all windows, add to existing equipment, install sound baffles, install harden steel bars in the ductwork penetrating the outside wall, install HID reader, install two exterior sound proof metal doors, and install security camera.

United States Coast Guard
Alexandria, VA